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Slovak visa regime: How to submit an application and obtain the visa

Why should you get a Slovak visa?

Of course, to go there!

Indeed, Slovakia is mountain tops and plains, immensely pure air and healing springs, ice caves, ski resorts and aquaparks, comfortable hotels and cozy guest houses, unique heritage sites, interesting fortresses, castles, manors, individual architecture, and also folk art and folklore.

Slovakia offers to its guests not only ski resorts, but also treatment and rich excursion program. There are around 1,200 thermal and mineral springs and 22 health resorts. It is recognized that their successful treatment is equal to similar resorts in Switzerland, at the same time, the cost for treatment in Slovakia is far lower. Here you can find more information about Slovakia.

Since December 21, 2007, Slovakia became a part of  the Schengen Area. Since then,  persons, having a valid Schengen visa, can freely enter the country territory by any kind of transport.  Schengen visas are granted by Consular section of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and Consulate General of the Slovak Republic in the host state. 

Number of Slovak visas issued over the last 4 years:

    2010 2011 2012 2013
 1 Ukraine 22 657 40 381 43 742 87 206
 2 Russia 13 339 18 068 17 936 27 965
 3 Belarus 2 586 4 055 4 279 6 198
 4 China 695 1 098 1 357 1 437
 5 Turkey 982 1 091 1 137 1 241
 6 Kuwait 838 929 837 940
 7 India 489 568 683 649
 8 Egypt 328 364 654 519
 9 Kazakhstan 356 436 564 413
10 South Africa 380 279 640 390
  Other countries 5 802 4 713 3 928 3 297
  Total 48 452 71 982 75 757 130 255



Number of Slovak visas issued over the last 4 years:

Visa to Slovakia within last 4 years


Citizens of two countries: Ukraine and Russia, have obtained 88% of all visas issued in 2013 in Slovakia, 12% accrue to the rest of countries, among these 12% more than one third belongs to Belarus. The tendency of demand growth for Slovak visa is also obvious: during four years number of issued visas has increased in 2,7 times, while growth in 2013 comparing to 2012 was 72%. 

Interesting fact is that, for 130 255 issued visas in 2013, 132 466 applications were submitted, thus 98,33% of  applicants have obtained a visa. Among the top ten the most successful were citizens of Kazakhstan, there was only one visa denial (99,76% of  applicants have obtained a visa). Visas were obtained, for instance, by 98,99% of applicants – citizens of Ukraine, 98,99% from  Russia and 99,03% from Belarus. Nigerian citizens were out of luck, who had submitted 468 applications and obtained only 220 visas (47%), which is even worse than index of Iraq (67%) and Kosovo (78%).

The Slovak Schengen visa currently costs 60 Euros and the visa processing time is up to 10 days. The cost can vary depending on the country. Slovak Schengen visa costs 35 Euros for citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia and Georgia.

Since 21st December, 2012 the citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine had an opportunity to get Slovak multiple tourist Schengen visa for a period of 2 years if at least one Schengen visa was used for its intended purpose for one time, and for a period of 5 years if Schengen visa issued by the Slovak Republic was used for its intended purpose at least for one time.

Since 1st November, 2013 people should fill an obligatory application for a visa in electronic form, and now it is required to book the date and hour of submission in advance using this web page.

The hotel booking can’t be the basis for the visa, but only the pay for living, after what the hotel provides a voucher. The visa is also granted based on the ownership of real estate in Slovakia, which is confirmed by evidence of ownership. Also it is allowed to arrive in based on invitation letter from a citizen of Slovakia, moreover the signature on the invitation letter must be certified by notary. A citizen of a third country with a residence permit in Slovakia also can write an invitation letter. If he invites members of his family, the signature should be certified by a notary. If he invites not his family members, or for the purpose of a business, the invitation letter is filled on a specific form and will be checked by Alien Police Depatment. Based on a business invitation letter it is allowed to invite business partners, not the clients. Police have 15 days to check the invitation letter. The question of signing the invitation letter by a notary or checking by police is decided on an individual basis.

In case of visa denial, the Consular section of Slovakia is obliged to justify the reason in written form, and the applicant has the right to appeal against this rejection. Administrative fee for filling an appeal is 30 Euros, and it is returned in case of a positive decision on appeal.

Since October 18th, 2013 in accordance with Regulation EU No. 610/2013 of 26 June 2013 there are new terms for a short-stay in the Schengen Area for third country nationals. The most important aspect is the review of procedure for calculating the maximum length of stay using Schengen visa.

Third country nationals without the right of long-term stay can travel inside the Schengen Area using short-term visa with the purpose of tourism, business or family visits for a maximum period of 90 days within any 180-day period, despite the fact that the visa can be issued for longer period.

It is important to consider that counting haft-year period and allowed 90 days do not begin with the first entry using a visa, as it was before, but backwards from the day of the beginning of each new planned trip. Exactly this change raises many questions from travelers.


Here is a clear example to simplify the understanding of this innovation:

Suppose you have an annual multi-visa from 01 January to 31 December. You plan to enter the Schengen Area on 15 November using multi-visa. According to the rules, count 180 days backwards, and consider six months from 20 May to 15 November. Now count all days spent during this period in the Schengen Area. If during this period you have already spent, for example, 35 days, subtract 90 days from allowed 35 days, and get a balance of 55 days from 15th of November. If all 90 days during the preceding haft-year period before this date have been spent, the entry into the Schengen becomes impossible.  

As it is easy to be confused during calculation, we offer you to use a special Schengen Visa calculator, available on the European Commission website and learn the guidelines of its use, in order to avoid an unpleasant surprise during visa inspection. 

Our company provides assistance in hotel selection to provide potential customers with the natural beauties of the country and, of course, the economic potential of Slovakia.

Please write or call us and we will explain the procedure for receiving visa to Slovakia, and also can help you to arrange the invitation for visa, and will help to prepare documents for its checking by police.

If you need to stay in Slovakia or in the Schengen Area for more than 90 days, please contact us for details on how to get a residence permit in Slovakia.


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