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Useful Information: Everything You Need To Know About Slovakia

All about Slovakia
Official name of this small central European country in Slovak language - Slovenska Republika. If to speak about a name, it’s  probably simple to guess,. Slovakia is Slavs. The country is famous for the magnificent Tatra mountains known on all Europe, for magic ancient towns and romantic knight's castles, for fine ski resorts and beautiful women.
Slovakia is a very beautiful country. That is buildings, streets, every possible constructions - all as in the Western Europe, and that’s why seems very quiet and unostentatious, but at the same time picturesque and somehow  warmly native. All around is clean and in order like in the house of accurate housewife.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia
Although Bratislava is not added to the list of big cities, it has the charm. Breathing of history is felt in the picturesque streets of old city. Ancient architecture of palaces of epoch of baroque, fortresses, quiet of parks and gardens, view on a city and Danube from a restaurant on the top of pylon or taciturn reverie about cruelty of all wars near the monument of Slavin, where 6 845 soviet warriors, fallen for liberation of Bratislava, are buried, create the unique atmosphere of city.The city is in the heart of Europe - only 60 kilometers dissociate Bratislava from Vienna. The historical center of Bratislava is surprisingly beautiful. Numerous restaurants, on very moderate prices offer the richest choice of the Slovakia, Czech, Hungarian and Austrian dishes. The Bratislava pastry shops in anything do not yield to the Viennese colleagues, unless on an order cheaper. On a small central area before an old town hall it is possible to watch the performance of folk-lore ensemble in the whimsical variegated folk suits, to listen the concert of spirit music, walk along rows with souvenirs. In regard to life and rest in Slovakia it is possible to tell much, long and interestingly. But you’d better see and feel it all deeply yourself. And then you will know about the appetizing and fragrant fried sausages with mustard and will feel taste of "vareneho vina" or "medoviny" which will find on streets  on Christmas. It’s a pity that our countries - Slovakia, and in reply to it Russia, entered a visa duty. It so much affected tourism, the amount of Russians, Ukrainian and Byelorussian tourists went down. But, in spite of it, Slovakia remains  one of the most beautiful and inexpensive countries in Europe.

Attitude towards Russian-speaking people
What do we know about this little and seeming very distant country? Practically nothing. Many can not even recall the Slovakia capital. It’s strangely enough, but almost everybody knows that the river Danube flows through Slovakia. And that’s it.  And Slovaks know  much about us. Large number of habitants of country some time were in Russia, know (and well enough) Russian. They read the books of the Russian writers, look our films and listen to our music. And, in general, they love Russia!.. Even not so: here they love Russians. That is great and it incredibly strikes. Each time you are pleasantly surprised when in a shop, feeling unconfident with stranger language, you talk modestly: "Spasibo", -they answer you with a benevolent smile and amusing accent: "Pozhaluysta". When, having known about where you are from, they unexpectedly begin to talk about how cold, but beautifully it is in winter on Baikal, how strongly Moscow has changed in latter days, how picturesque Petrograd is (they name Saint Petersburg just like this).

Economy of Slovakia
Slovakia Republic by the level of democracy and market economy in the estimation of German independent agency Bertelsmann  occupied 7 place among 125 transforming states. It is recommended to Slovakia to continue economic reforms which will provide the growth of population welfare  (19.02.2008).

Reasons of investing
Reasons of investing

1. Geopolitical location of country

  • Slovakia is in the heart of Europe.
  • In 2004 Slovakia became the full-fledged member of EU and is used by other members of concord as place of penetration to the east. At the same time it can become the place of  penetration to EU.
  • Main European auto-, gas- and oil- pipelines  and river communications (the river is Danube) pass through Slovakia territory.

2. «Favorable» taxation

  • From 01.01.2004 identical 19 % tax from the profits of both physical and legal persons.
  • A tax from dividends is abolished.
  • They allow the export  of 100 % income for enterprises with a foreign capital.
  • Tax privileges during work in industrial parks.
  • Tax privileges in large investment projects.

3. State and regional support of foreign investments
4. Economic and political stability of Slovakia

5. Highly skilled and stable labour force.

6. Low level of remuniration (about 700 euro per month).   
7. A high standard of living is in Slovakia.
8. Developed infrastructure
9. A high standard of living is in Slovakia.
10. Low charges on life.
11. Simple and transparent laws at opening business.
12. Low production expenses.
13. High unemployment rate (near 11 %).
14. The agreements about the release from double taxation are signed with many countries,  including with Byelorussia, by Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine.
15. Slovakia is a member on safety and collaboration in Europe (OSCE) and Worldwide Trading organization (WTO).
16. Many world-known companies have chosen Slovakia in placing their investments (e.g., IBM, Peugeot, Volkswagen, KIA, Whirpool, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Kimberly-Clark)


  • Slovak is similar to Russian.
  • Many diplomas of Slovakia higher Institutes are acknowledged abroad (including medical and economic).
  • Mentality of Slovaks is similar and clear.


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