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Recognition of Foreign Diplomas of Higher Education in Slovakia

Diploma recognition is a procedure used for recognition of foreign documents of school, university and postgraduate education, i.e. is consent of relevant authorities on the legitimacy of these documents in other country. One should distinguish diploma recognition for further studies, which is governed by internal laws of each EU member state, from diploma recognition for professions, regulated by the EU Directive.

Diploma recognition in Slovakia is needed to:

  1. Continue studies in Slovakia (academic goals)
  2. Work in regulated professions in Slovakia (professional goals)
  3. Do business in Slovakia, which requires a license

Education documents, obtained in a third country are recognized in a different way than documents obtained in the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss Confederation. In relation to citizens of EU Member States the conditions of diploma recognition are more than favorable, that is noted in the directive of the European Parliament and Council number 2005/36/EC and transported to the Slovak legislation. Higher Education of 3 Level (PhD.), obtained in any of the countries of EU, EEA or the Swiss Confederation is recognized automatically in all these countries, including Slovakia. Diploma recognition for academic purposes in Slovakia is also recognized automatically for diplomas, which were obtained in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania, with which Slovakia has signed bilateral agreements. In other cases when you need a complicated recognition - we are happy to help you! It depends on the target and received profession to which implementing agency for diploma recognition it should be applied, so it is important for us to know not only the country that issued the education documents, but for what purpose the recognition is done, as well as the name of the regulated profession that you want to perform in Slovakia.

After having arrived in Slovakia our clients often plan to do the activities that require getting a license first. For example, they want to do construction, organize travel agency, provide services of a lawyer or medical doctor, etc. To perform these activities and some other it is essential to have diploma recognition. Here is a partial list of licensed professions in Slovakia: doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, a dental technician, optometrist, master optician, medical assistant, pharmacy technician, a psychologist, therapist, veterinarian, architect, landscape architect, construction engineer, lawyer, interpreter and teacher of foreign languages, roofer, carpenter, carpenter, watchmaker, barber, mechanic, jeweler, stone mason, the freight forwarder, a butcher, a technician working to repair machinery, cosmetics, etc.

Most often diploma recognition requires 2 documents: a notarized copy of the diploma with all inserts and the translation into the Slovak language and a copy of the passport. Terms of review in the case of the general specialization are up to 2 months or 4 months - in the case of narrow specialization. Sometimes, it’s required to fulfill other conditions, such as to provide evidence of the practice, to pass the state exam or demonstrate knowledge of the Slovak language.

Recognition of diplomas in Slovakia and the issuance of practice permits for medical profession are regulated by the law "On the subjects of providing medical care." One of the important conditions is the fluent Slovak language enough for quality profession performance.

Veterinarian may perform only the private veterinary activities after obtaining the consent of the Association of Veterinarians in Slovakia.

The activities of an architect, landscape architect or building engineer a citizen of a third country cannot perform because he doesn’t meet the requirement of EU citizenship, which is subject to the appropriate register. A citizen of a third country can perform these activities only in case he will have a responsible person who meets the requirements of the legislation on licensing these activities.

A citizen of a third state, who finished the second level of education, can become a lawyer or a candidate for attorney. With three years of confirmed practice a candidate for the post of attorney can be a lawyer.

Small entrepreneurs or craftsmen (interpreter, a teacher of foreign languages, roofer, carpenter, watchmaker, barber, mechanic, jeweler, stone mason, the freight forwarder, a butcher, a technician working to repair vehicles, cosmetics) can obtain a license or concession craft license for which it is often required to confirm the work experience or to provide confirmation of the course.

The need of diploma recognition depends on the profession and the method of its execution. Very often diploma recognition is not required to person who performs work on behalf of the company, which has that license.

If diploma had been successfully recognized in another EU state, in Slovakia there exist an easier way of its recognition, and the same is true in relation to diploma recognition made in Slovakia. I.e. having carried out diploma recognition in Slovakia, the same procedure in another EU state will be far less painful.

Cost of our diploma recognition service is 299 euro.

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